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Revitalize Your Home This Spring: Comprehensive Handyman Services to Restore Comfort, Cleanliness, and Joy

Handyman Express Services, Shelton, WA - Greetings, SPRING...Cleaning is here. Ugg! Did the overwhelming tasks steal the spring from your step? If so, allow us to assist with those projects, restoring the bounce to your step and letting you warmly welcome SPRING!


As the warmer weather approaches, it's time to rejuvenate your home with a thorough spring cleaning and maintenance routine. Our handyman services are here to assist you in tackling the daunting tasks that come with the changing seasons.


  • Revitalize your outdoor spaces with our power washing services. From decks and fences to driveways and more, we'll blast away winter grime and leave your surfaces looking fresh and renewed.

  • Are you wanting to declutter your home? Let us handle removing unwanted items, leaving you with a clean and clutter-free space.

  • Spring cleaning unveils the need for maintenance or repairs. Identify and address worn-out seals, damaged siding, or furniture repairs to maintain your home's integrity.

  • Do you want to maximize storage space with closet organizers? We can install them for you for a clutter-free and organized home.

Walk-in Closet with Organizers
Walk-in Closet with Organizers

  • Preserve your home's aesthetic and structural integrity by repairing damaged fascia boards along the roofline.

  • Address cracks or damage to exterior walls, siding, or paint. Our team ensures your home maintains its structural integrity.

  • Optimize your AC's performance and energy efficiency with a thorough cleaning of condensers and evaporators.

  • Ensure your family's safety by replacing batteries and testing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Even hard-wired detectors usually have a backup battery in them to change. We can also install new detectors for you.

  • Enhance your outdoor aesthetics by installing hangers for flower baskets, a pulley system for easy watering, or window boxes.

Hanging Flower Baskets and Window Boxes
Hanging Flower Baskets and Window Boxes

  • We inspect door weather stripping which enhances efficiency by maintaining door weather stripping, keeping your home comfortable year-round.

  • Safety first! We'll check for loose or damaged boards, railings, or steps on your deck or patio and make necessary repairs.

  • Prepare for outdoor living by cleaning and inspecting your furniture. When possible we can repair pieces as needed, ensuring longevity and comfort.

  • Need help setting up your deck furniture and fire pits/rings? We can do that too.

Patio Furniture and Fire Pit
Patio Furniture and Fire Pit

  • Protect your home from pests and moisture by sealing cracks and gaps. Our team uses caulk and weather-stripping to improve energy efficiency.

  • Declutter your storage spaces for easy access to tools and equipment. We'll dispose of unnecessary items and help you efficiently organize your garage or shed.

  • Let us help you get the clutter under control. We can install garage and/or shed organizers for a neat and functional space.

Garage with Shelves and Organizers
Garage with Shelves and Organizers

  • Ensure proper drainage by cleaning weep holes in sliding and vinyl replacement windows, preventing potential water damage.

  • Maintain attic ventilation by clearing debris from soffit vents, saving on air conditioning costs in summer and protecting your roof in winter.

  • Prevent fire hazards by cleaning out dryer lint efficiently. Our team ensures your dryer operates safely and efficiently.

  • Clean hard-to-reach areas like ceiling fan blades and high fixtures to maintain a dust-free and fresh living environment.

Ceiling Fan on a Vaulted Ceiling
Ceiling Fan on a Vaulted Ceiling

  • Cleaning up the dog poop in the yard…nope, we don't do that as it isn't cost-efficient for you. The teenager down the street would be better suited for this task. All kidding aside, let's move on to the next task we can do for you.

  • Enhance safety and security with properly functioning outdoor lighting. We'll replace bulbs and clean fixtures for optimal performance.

  • Prevent water damage by ensuring your gutters are clear of debris. We'll inspect your gutters, addressing any issues promptly.

  • And any other tasks or ideas you might have, so we can help you love springtime again!


With our comprehensive handyman services, say goodbye to spring cleaning stress. We'd like to handle the tasks, so you can embrace the season with a rejuvenated and well-maintained home. Contact us today and say HELLO SPRING AGAIN!


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